The Story of a Great Journey…

Matthew 2:10,11; “When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. After coming into the house they saw the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell to the ground and worshipped Him. Then, opening their treasures, they presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh”. 

Don’t you just love starting a new journey? I remember as kids how excited we would be sitting in the back of the car playing our imaginary musical instruments as we waited for our destination. I have often wondered what the Magi were thinking as they started out on their journey to find a King. Full of excitement and a knowledge that something great was just ahead. 

After seeing the Star in the sky that would guide them to the birth place of this King we are told that they ‘rejoiced greatly’. What a great journey this was turning out to be for them. Although it was a long journey and many scholars suggest that Jesus would be around 2 years old when they arrived in Bethlehem; this must have been a journey where every step was worth it’s ‘weight in gold’. Surely the Magi could not be blamed if they had been looking for a palace to find this King, after all where else would a King be born. A palace of some grandiose proportion would be fitting, and yet, it seems that they find the Child with His mother in a regular Judean house. The place that they found the Child was obviously not important to the Magi, just look at what was really in their hearts when they eventually arrived at the birth place of Jesus. “They fell down to the ground and worshipped Him”. These wise men, were just that, wise. They weren’t bothered where this star led them, as long as it led them to the King. The Bible does not say that these men fell to the ground in the presence of Herod, even though he was at the height of his ‘royal grandeur’. Worship belongs to God and God alone. Man, angel or demon does not deserve nor warrant our worship. After worshipping Christ they presented their treasures. Notice that they humbled themselves and laid themselves down before presenting their gifts. It is the same for us. Every man must humbly submit himself to Christ first and when we have done this we will have no problem laying down our treasures before him. After all, the crowns that we receive when we move on into eternity will be most glorified at His feet. 

When was the last time we fell to the ground and worshipped Him and did what these wise men did? This should be something that we should do more often, not just at Christmas time when we are reminded of these scriptures, but throughout the year. We might be surprised at the dreams, visions and words that God will give us when we humble ourselves like the Magi. Who, let us not forget, also  received divine intervention from God about their journey back home. 

Never be ashamed to fall on the ground before your maker.

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